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With a higher pace of change likely to remain a legacy of the pandemic, versatile mobile technology provides a more fluid and cost-effective way to easily personalize experiences for the different categories of shopper in your stores.

92% of retailer leaders like the flexibility of mobile technology1

85% of leaders say teams provide better service when they use the latest devices2

85% of associates say mobile technology helps them provide a safe and convenient experience3

Who’s in your stores?

From Aspirational Tech Fans to Modern Convenience Seekers to Sensible Socializers – and more – Nielsen research has profiled modern shoppers. And in our report, we show how the latest mobile devices and apps can be used to tailor experiences to these groups that feel personalized, interesting and rewarding.

The future is mobile

One of the great advantages of mobile technology is that it’s much easier to design, test, deploy, and enhance services that improve and increase basket sizes. It also provides the critical seamless link between online and in-store services that all the personas are looking for. That’s why 60% of retail leaders are planning to use mobile devices to support instant check-out, virtually greet customers, update them in real-time on how busy the store is and guide them to items on their lists.4

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